Why GDP?

Why GDP? Why NOT! If you are planning on running larger tires, or want addiontail ground clearance, or need more power in the mud or on the rocks. Then look no further then Gear Driven Performance (GDP) by SuperATV. These portal gear lifts are built/designed to last and will not leave you on the sidelines watching. The GDP portal lift system spares no details as the most comprehensive kit on the market. SuperATV knows suspension and transferred over 10 years of suspension engineering into the GDP portal lifts.

GDP starts by vertically relocating the axle centerline while retaining factory steering geometry — a must if you want to increase the life of your axles, differential, and drive train components. Pair that with a 1.4:1 gear reduction (approximately 30%), and you’ve got a performance driven machine!


Do I have to cut my axles?

GDP is the only kit on the market compatible with aftermarket and OEM axles with no modifications unlike other kits that you have to cut you axles to make it work.

What will my top speed be?

Can these portal boxes handle high wheel speed for long durations; such as wide open in the snow. or sand dunes?

Yes we have done some hardcore testing with these at all different speeds out on the trails, in fields, on roads and on our dyno. Our portal gear lifts are game changers for sure.

How much wider will my machine be?

What kind of warrenty do these come with?

How hard are these to install?

Can you change the bolt pattern?

Our GDP kit comes with new hubs and rotors. We even made the hub so you can run almost any bolt pattern offered.

Forged Pivot

  • Forged Pivot

    • Eliminates friction for reduced heat and noise
    • Allow you to tun at higher speeds